Chakra & Crystal Healing 10mm Round Gemstone Bead Set

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This unique 11cm strand of gemstone beads contains 7 gemstone beads (each bead is approximately 10mm x 10mm) and 8 glass crystal beads (6mm x 4mm rondelles). Each strand contains 1 of each of the following gemstone beads: red tiger eye, carnelian, (dyed) golden tiger eye (faceted), rose quartz, (dyed) turquoise manmade howlite, manmade blue goldstone and amethyst.

These beautiful beads are temporarily strung on tigertail, and are perfect restrung onto beading elastic to make a bracelet (lava stone works brilliantly for this!) or restrung onto longer tigertail with a suncatcher on the bottom as a sparkly window hanging (but be aware that prolonged sunlight can fade gemstones).

According to the colour therapy teachings, there are 7 main energy centres in the body. These are:

  • Seventh Chakra - Crown - gemstone: amethyst
  • Sixth Chakra - Third Eye - gemstone: blue goldstone
  • Fifth Chakra - Throat - gemstone: turquoise manmade howlite
  • Fourth Chakra - Heart - gemstone: rose quartz
  • Third Chakra - Solar Plexus - gemstone: tiger eye (faceted)
  • Second Chakra - Sacral - gemstone: carnelian
  • First Chakra - Base - gemstone: red tiger eye

There are also significant healing properties associated with these gemstones.

  • Amethyst: a deep purple coloured gemstone, believed to help overcome stress and anxiety and keep one grounded
  • Blue Goldstone: a deep midnight blue coloured manmade glass with glittery copper specks throughout, believed to help improve circulation.
  • Turquoise Manmade Howlite: a dyed turquoise blue colour with brown veins, believed to make one at home in both the spiritual and physical worlds
  • Rose Quartz: a very pale pink coloured gemstone, believed to be the stone of friendship and love
  • Golden Tiger Eye: a gorgeous earthy brown/yellow striped coloured gemstone, believed to enhance stability and personal growth
  • Carnelian: a highly vitreous red/orange coloured gemstone, believed to help heal wounds and bring passion to the wearer
  • Red Tiger Eye: a darker earthy red coloured gemstone, believed to help develop healthy eating and exercise patterns.