Dalmatian Jasper 6mm Round Beads (19cm)

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1 strand (approx 29 beads)
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Short 19cm strand (approximately 29 beads) of jasper round beads, each bead is approximately 6.5mm x 6.5mm.

Jasper is an opaque gemstone composed of microgranular quartz, chalcedony and other granular gemstones. It is a variety of cryptocrystalline silica, and is a relatively common gemstone, having been used as ornaments and for beads for thousands of years. The name jasper means "spotted or speckled stone" and comes from a variety of languages.

These lovely beads have a creamish base, with random splotches of black throughout. They are opaque (light does not pass through).

Jasper is said to be a gemstone that promotes nurturing and peacefulness, and to be particularly useful for eliminating stress. It is thought that dalmatian jasper (also known as dalmatiner and spotted jasper) in particular increases patience and to calm down the spirit.

Please note that colours and sizes within semi-precious gemstones vary slightly from strand to strand.