Stabilised Turquoise 8mm Round Beads

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40cm strand (approximately 48 beads) of stabilised turquoise round beads, each bead is approximately 8mm x 8mm.

Turquoise is formed by water acting on aluminium and copper, with impurities of iron, resulting in a lovely blue-green coloured gemstone. The name turquoise is said to come from early Europeans naming it "pierre turquoise" ("Turkish stone") as it was thought to have come from Turkey. The reality is that it is found in many locations around the world - some well known origins include Iran, Tibet, China and Arizona (USA).

As turquoise is a relatively soft porous stone, it is greatly improved by a stabilisation process, whereby it absorbs clear epoxy or plastic filler under pressure. This improves the hardness and colour of the gemstone, making it much more usable in jewellery making. Sunlight can cause turquoise colours to fade, so take care.

Turquoise has been used as a protective stone (often as an amulet) since the beginning of time. It is said to strengthen ones aura and help strengthen the connection between the physical and spirit worlds. It is particularly popular when teamed with earthy red or orange stones, such as coral, carnelian and garnet.

Please note that colours and sizes within semi-precious gemstones vary slightly from strand to strand.