Wattle Seed Jasper 8mm Round Beads

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38cm strand (approximately 46 beads) of jasper round beads, each bead is approximately 6.5mm x 6.5mm, hole size is standard (approximately 1.2mm, will fit 1.0mm round elastic).

Jasper is an opaque gemstone composed of microgranular quartz, chalcedony and other granular gemstones. It is a variety of cryptocrystalline silica, and is a relatively common gemstone, having been used as ornaments and for beads for thousands of years. The name jasper means "spotted or speckled stone" and comes from a variety of languages.

These beautiful beads are a mix of pink, soft lavender, yellow and cream. They are opaque (light does not pass through).

Jasper is said to be a gemstone that promotes nurturing and peacefulness, and to be particularly useful for eliminating stress.

Please note that colours and sizes within semi-precious gemstones vary slightly from strand to strand.