CLEARANCE Large Holed Lucky Dip Metal Bead Mixed Pack

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Mystery pack of large hole base metal silver beads, with a large (4mm) 'screw' hole, these fantastic metal beads are suitable for thick snake chain bracelets and necklaces. The large holes have ridges in it, making them particularily suitable for the range of thick snake chain bracelets and necklaces we now carry. This "mystery pack" contains 11 beads, sometimes with some duplicates (never 11 of the same bead though), each pack is different. Whilst these packs may feature some of the metal large hole beads in this category, the majority of the beads are unseen before, with a great range of bright coloured enamel, bright silver, dull silver, fancy, plain and more. This product is available online only - it is not available at either of our stores.