Medium Cream Potato Pearl Strands (18cm)

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Short 18cm strand of small potato shaped B grade fresh water pearl beads. Note that the size of bead on each strand varies considerably, with an average of 6.5mm x 8mm, and a small hole (approximately 0.6mm wide). There are approximately 26 pearls per strand, available in a creamy ivory colour (creamy tone with a slightly pink lustre). The potato refers to the fact that the hole runs through the shorter length of the pearl, resulting in a potato type shape when strung up on silk or tigertail (as opposed to a rice or oval shape).

Freshwater pearl beads are a natural product that have been created by teams of technicians implanting donor tissue into freshwater mussels. The mussels coat the foreign matter with nacre, producing a shiny lustrous pearl. This process is done on a mass scale (compared to that of the saltwater pearls), resulting in an inexpensive product enjoyed by many.

Please note that colours and shapes within semi-precious gemstones vary from strand to strand.