Clear Crystal Suncatcher: Project Instructions

Clear Crystal Suncatcher: Project Instructions

Suncatchers are a perfect project for young and old alike - this project uses one of our beautiful glass crystals to make a great window hanging! Follow our instructions to find out how.


  • 60cm tigertail
  • 2 small tube crimps
  • 1 x round faceted crystal drop
  • 1 filigree metal tube
  • 4 x 9mm helix glass crystal beads
  • 7 x 3mm plain metal beads
  • 3 x 6mm bicone glass crystal beads


  • Crimping Pliers
  • Wire Cutters


Pick up your length of tigertail and thread it through a small tube crimp. Thread the tigertail through the hole in the top of the round faceted crystal drop and then back through the crimp. Pull up so that the loop is firm but not too tight. Squish down the crimp and cut off any excess tigertail.

Thread on the large holed filigree metal tube. Then thread on your crystals:

  • a 9mm helix glass crystal bead
  • a 3mm plain metal bead
  • a 6mm bicone glass crystal bead
  • a 3mm plain metal bead

Repeat this pattern until you're happy with the amount of crystals on your window hanging (we used 4 helix crystals and 3 bicone crystals).

At the very end of the tigertail, thread on another small tube crimp. Make a loop with the tigertail (approximately 3cm) and thread it back through the small crimp. Squish down and cut off any excess tigertail.

Your crystal suncatcher is now ready to hang in the window. Use the second loop to hang from a hook etc. The possibilities for creating a unique window hanging are endless - use different colour crystals, swarovski crystals, glass humming birds etc to create something truly different!

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28th Mar 2019 Eureka! Beads

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