Rose Purple Key/Handbag Dangle: Project Instructions

Rose Purple Key/Handbag Dangle: Project Instructions

Our free project instructions show you how to put together this fun rose purple dangle - use on your keys, or add it as a dangle on your bag!


  • 5 head pins
  • 2 glass butterfly beads
  • 2 puffy heart cats eye beads
  • 1 large glass flower bell drop
  • 12 links x medium oval loop chain
  • 12 x 6mm strong jump rings
  • 2 high heel shoe glass bead charms
  • 1 'Created For You' Butterfly Metal Charm
  • 1 Horseshoe Metal Charm
  • 1 Elephant Metal Charm
  • 1 jingle bell
  • 2 x 8mm jump rings
  • 1 large fancy parrot clasp
  • 1 large circle key ring


  • 2 pairs of crimping pliers
  • Twirly Wirlie Pliers
  • Wire Cutters


Making the components

For any beads that have a hole running through the centre, pick up a head pin and the bead on. Leaving a space of 10mm, cut the excess off the head pin. Twirl the end using your twirly wirlies. Put aside. Repeat for any bead that doesn't have a loop to attach to a jump ring.

Putting it together

Open a 6mm jump ring and thread on one of the components. Whilst it is still open, thread it onto the first link in the chain. Close securely. Repeat with the second component, using the second link in the chain. Repeat until you have used all of your components. If you want a chunkier bag dangle, simply add more components.

Using an 8mm jump ring, connect the large parrot clasp to the circle key ring.

Using the second 8mm jump ring, connect the length of chain to the circle key ring.

This is a beautiful handbag dangle that you can also use to decorate your keys.

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29th Mar 2019 Eureka! Beads

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