Book Instore Shopping Appointment

Great news! With the recent updates, we no longer have density limits, so have removed the required appointments. If you'd like to come visit us at our Cheltenham store, please do - no appointment required. We are open 11am to 2pm weekdays.

Please note that due to current government mandates, you will be required to show full vaccination status or a valid medical exemption when checking in at the door prior to entry. Note also that face masks remain mandatory for indoor retail for at least the next month.

When visiting our store, please wait in the front entrance before entering the store - I will approach you as quickly as I can, to help you check in and check your certificate. It's just me in the shop, so please be patient with me!

Once again, thank you for the immense support everyone has shown us over the past few months. We hope that you understand that these are government imposed regulations and we ask that any discussions you have around these are directed at those making the rules - we are just a small business trying to uphold the regulations that have been provided to us and avoid the hefty fines in the process.