10mm Double/Split Jump Rings

FD06604-Bright Gold
Pack Size:
4 grams (approx 20pcs)
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Large double (split) base metal jump rings, 10mm outer diameter (O.D.), 8.5mm inner diameter (I.D.) diameter, 0.75mm thick. Work like a keyring, you need to 'wind' onto them, very secure. With regards to the split/double jump rings - they aren't as strong as some of the other jump rings available (eg the 'strong jump rings'), using tools will often bend them out of shape. Instead, add the component directly to the ring - eg twirl a headpin/eyepin directly on. If that isn't an option, use your nails to twist on the component, like you would a keyring. Available in bright gold. 4 gram pack contains approximately 20 rings.