Red Crystal Necklace: Project Instructions

Red Crystal Necklace: Project Instructions

This crystal necklace is our recommended beginners project - featuring red bicone glass crystal beads, it involves working with tigertail, crimps, opening jump rings and more. Great for those just starting out!


  • 50cm tigertail
  • 6 x 4mm bicone glass crystals
  • 1 parrot clasp
  • 12 small crimps
  • 4 jump rings
  • 14 plain metal balls
  • 1 head pin


  • Crimping Pliers
  • Wire Cutters

Thread one end of the tigertail through a small crimp, a small metal ball and the loop on the parrot clasp. Go around the parrot clasp and back through the metal ball and the crimp. Using the crimping pliers, squeeze the crimp shut to hold everything in place.

Thread on one small crimp and crimp into place 70mm from the parrot clasp. Thread on your first set of floating beads ie: one plain metal ball, one 4mm bicone glass crystal, one plain metal ball and one crimp. Crimp into place.

Leave another 70mm gap and thread on the next set of floating beads, repeating the same pattern as above.

Repeat the pattern until you have five sets of floating beads each spaced 70mm apart.

Put your necklace aside and pick up one of the jump rings. Open the jump ring up slightly and close completely. Now pick up your necklace again. On the end without the clasp, thread a crimp (don't squish it down yet), followed by a plain metal ball, 70 mm from your last set of floating beads. Next thread on your closed jump ring. Thread the tail of the wire over the top of the jump ring and through the metal ball and crimp. Pull up tightly, crimp down and cutoff excess wire. Open up one of the left-over jump rings and thread it onto the jump ring already on the necklace. Repeat with the other two to create an extension chain.

Make the decorative tag end by threading one metal ball, one crystal and one metal ball on the head pin. Cut the head pin 5mm from the last metal ball. Bend the end of the pin to make a loop with your twirly wirlie pliers. Your floating crystal necklace is now ready to wear.

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