BULK 0.5mm Flat Multifilament Beading Elastic (10m)

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10 metres
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BULK pack of transparent white stretchy flat beading elastic, great for making elastic bracelets, width: approximately 0.5mm. This style of elastic is comprised of multiple fine threads - whilst we find the round elastic to be stronger, some people prefer this style as when the elastic starts to wear you get a little bit of notice (as the whole piece is unlikely to snap all at once, instead one or two thread will often break down first). To make a bracelet or necklace, simply string up your beads and tie off with a double knot. BULK pack contains 10 metres.


  • For a bit of extra security, add a dab of glue or clear nail polish at the knot.
  • To hide the knot, slip a bead with a large hole over the top.