Russian Serpentine 6mm Round Beads

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1 strand (approx 60 beads)
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37cm strand (approximately 60 beads) of Russian serpentine round beads, each bead is approximately 6.3mm x 6.3mm, hole size is standard (approximately 1mm).

Serpentine is a group of magnesium silicate minerals, with all varieties being a basic magnesium silicate, often containing other minerals such as iron, chromium, nickel or cobalt. It has a greasy to silky luster - because it is sensitive to acids it is recommended to only clean with mild soapy water, and to keep away from ultrasonics.

These natural looking beads have a dark green/yellow blended base with a black spiderweb-like matrix over the top. They are opaque (light does not pass through) and are also known as lizardite due to its lizardskin-like patterning.

Russian serpentine is believed to help the wearer find inner peace - we have certainly found that simply handling this gemstone has a calming effect.

Please note that colours and sizes within semi-precious gemstones vary slightly from strand to strand.