Extra Large Plain CCB Bead Caps

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Set of 2 extra large plain CCB bead caps of length 18mm, width at open end: 20mm. Available in antique bronze or dark silver (nickel). Made from acryllic coated in a thin layer of metal, these bead caps are incredibly light, and look fantastic as scarf ends. To add to your scarf, simply twist a bit of thick wire (we use 18-20 gauge) around the end of your scarf and bring it through the hole in the bead cap. Make a loop in the wire and then wrap the wire back on itself to hold everything in place. Cut off any excess wire, and use jump rings to attach dangles and the like to the loop you just made. These scarf ends are brilliant because they don't involve the use of glue, which can get messy and can ruin a good scarf. If you no longer want ends on your scarf, simply cut the wire off, and your scarf is as good as new!

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