Christmas Angel: Project Instructions

Christmas Angel: Project Instructions

This gorgeous Christmas decoration makes use of our strawberry girl clay beads to create an angel perfect for the tree. Follow our beading instructions to create your very own beaded Christmas ornament!


  • 40cm beading wire
  • 1 clay head
  • 1 x 21mm round faceted crystal
  • 1 set of angel wings


  • Wire Cutters


Pick up your length of beading wire and fold in half. The angel wings have a series of three holes down the central piece. Thread one end of the beading wire through the bottom hole of the angel wings until you reach the kink in your wire from where you bent in in half. Now thread your wire back through the middle hole on your angel wings. Both ends of wire should now be on the same side.

Thread both ends through the top hole on your angel wings. Bring one end of wire through one side of the 21mm round faceted crystal, while also bringing the other end through the crystal from the opposite side. Now bring both wires up through your clay head.

Finally, form a small loop from the beading wire above your angels head and gently twist the wires together securing your loop and cut off any excess wire.

Attach the a christmas tree hook and your Christmas Angel is now ready to hang on your tree!

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18th Mar 2019 Eureka! Beads

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