Dream Catcher Earrings: Project Instructions

Dream Catcher Earrings: Project Instructions

Posted by Eureka! Beads on 19th Mar 2019

Our tribal styled dream catcher earrings are sure to impress and only take a few materials - beading wire, metal charms, earring hoops and a swarovski crystal. Read through to find out how to make them yourself!


  • 2 x 30cm 28 gauge beading wire
  • 2 x standard ear wires
  • 2 x 4mm turquoise swarovski bicone beads
  • 2 x earring hoop
  • 6 x feather metal charms
  • 6 x 6mm strong jump rings


  • Twirly Wirlie Pliers
  • 2 x Crimping Pliers
  • Wire Cutters


Take one end of the piece of wire and wrap it through the hole in the top of your earring hoop, twitching off the end. Take the other end of the wire move to the bottom of the hoop. Wrap around once and then up to the top left hand side of your earring hoop. Wrap it around once and straight across to the top right hand side of your earring hoop. Wrap around once and then down to the bottom left hand side of your earring hoop, threading on your crystal half way through. Continue moving your wire around your earring hoop, until all your wire is used.

Use your twirly wirlies to twist random parts of the wire, so that they're no longer dead straight.

Open one of the jump rings using your crimping pliers. Attach one of the charms to the centre of the bottom of the hoop and close securely. Repeat with the other two jump rings and charms, placing one on the left hand side and one on the right hand side.

Open up another jump ring and use it to attach the ear wire to the top of the earring hoop, close securely.

Repeat to make the second earring.

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