Green and Gold Chain Bracelet: Project Instructions

Green and Gold Chain Bracelet: Project Instructions

Cloisonne beads are what set this cute bracelet apart. Decorative enamel work has been fused to (base) metal beads to create a stunning look. Teamed with glass pearls and working with eye pins and a toggle clasp, this bracelet is simple to make!


  • 9 eye pins
  • 18 x 3mm plain metal beads
  • 5 cloisonne beads
  • 4 glass pearls
  • 2 strong jump rings
  • 1 toggle clasp


  • 2 pairs of Crimping Pliers
  • Twirly Wirlies
  • Wire Cutters


Take an eye pin and thread up with:

  • a plain metal bead
  • a cloisonne bead
  • a plain metal bead

Leaving a space of 10mm, cut the excess off the eye pin. Twirl the end using your twirly wirlies. Repeat with all cloisonne beads and then with all of your glass pearls. Pick up one of the cloisonne bead eye pins and open the loop on the end. Join to a glass pearl eye pin. Repeat, alternating between cloisonne beads and glass pearls until you have used all your eye pins.

Open up one of the jump rings (as they are quite strong, you will need to use 2 sets of pliers) and thread on the circle part of the toggle clasp. Thread through one of the eye pin loops on the end of your chain bracelet. Close the jump ring securely. Open up another jump ring and thread onto the other end of your chain bracelet. Add the bar part of the toggle clasp and close securely.

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20th Mar 2019 Eureka! Beads

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