Seed Bead Phone Strap: Project Instructions

Seed Bead Phone Strap: Project Instructions

Create this great phone charm strap made using size 6 seed beads and cute feature beads.


  • 90 size 6/0 seed beads (3-4mm)
  • 1 x 8mm plain metal bead
  • 1- 3 feature beads
  • 2 x small tube crimps
  • 40cm of tigertail
  • 2 x 6mm strong jump rings
  • 1 x phone dangle


  • 2 x Crimping Pliers (or 1 x crimping pliers and one jump ring tool)
  • Wire Cutters


Take the piece of tigertail and thread through a small crimp, then through a jump ring and back through the crimp, pull up tightly and squish down. Cut off any excess tigertail.

Next, thread on:

  • the 8mm plain metal bead
  • the size 6/0 seed beads either in a pattern or in a random design and
  • the feature beads, placing either randomly or distanced evenly through the pattern

Finish by threading back through the 8mm plain metal bead. Then place a crimp on the tigertail go through the first jump ring and back through the crimp. Pull up tightly and press down the crimp with the pliers. Cut off the extra tigertail and wriggle the 8mm plain metal bead up to cover the crimps.

Open the jump ring and thread through the holes at the bottom of the phone dangle.

Your phone strap is now ready to put on your phone!


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11th Sep 2021 Eureka! Beads

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