6mm Gold Hematine Rondelle Beads

Pack Size:
25 beads
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Pack of metallic rondelle disc beads, each bead is approximately 6.3mm long x 2.7mm thick, with a larger than average hole (approximately 2.4mm wide).

Hematite is metallic black/grey and these beads have had a reflective shiny golden toned coating applied to them. Note that this coating doesn't completely cover the bead, the core is metallic black/grey. Great to use as a spacer bead on elastic bracelets or in necklaces. Hematite is thought to be beneficial for those with health problems, particularly circulation problems. These beads are man-made, created out of a product similar to hematite, marketed as "hematine" or "hemalike". Please note that these beads are not magnetic.

Pack contains 25 beads.