Chakra Healing 10mm Round Gemstone Beads

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1 strand (approx 21 beads)
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This unique 21cm strand of gemstone beads contains 21 beads, each bead is approximately 10mm x 10mm. Each strand contains 3 of each of the following gemstone beads: garnet, carnelian (dyed), butter cream agate, rose quartz (dyed), turquoise manmade howlite (dyed), blue spotted jasper (dyed) and amethyst.

These beautiful beads are temporarily strung on tigertail, and are perfect restrung onto beading elastic to make a bracelet.

According to the colour therapy teachings, there are 7 main energy centres in the body. These are:

  • Seventh Chakra - Crown - gemstone: amethyst
  • Sixth Chakra - Third Eye - gemstone: blue spotted jasper
  • Fifth Chakra - Throat - gemstone: turquoise manmade howlite
  • Fourth Chakra - Heart - gemstone: rose quartz
  • Third Chakra - Solar Plexus - gemstone: butter cream agate
  • Second Chakra - Sacral - gemstone: carnelian
  • First Chakra - Base - gemstone: red tiger eye

There are also significant healing properties associated with these gemstones.

  • Amethyst: a deep purple coloured gemstone, believed to help overcome stress and anxiety and keep one grounded
  • Blue Spotted Jasper: a blue/white coloured gemstone, thought to promote nurturing and peacefulness, and to be particularly useful for eliminating stress
  • Turquoise Manmade Howlite: a dyed turquoise blue colour with brown veins, believed to make one at home in both the spiritual and physical worlds
  • Rose Quartz: a very pale pink coloured gemstone, believed to be the stone of friendship and love
  • Butter Cream Agate: a soft warm yellow straw honey coloured gemstone, believed to settle the body, mind and spirit
  • Carnelian: a highly vitreous red/orange coloured gemstone, believed to help heal wounds and bring passion to the wearer
  • Tigereye: a deep vitreous red coloured gemstone, believed to be the stone of passion and desire