Swirly Sun Lapis Sterling Silver Pendant

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Sterling silver pendant featuring a small blue lapis lazuli round stone in the centre of silver "prongs", reminiscent of the sun, set in 925 sterling silver. Lapis lazuli is a gorgeous midnight blue with small pyrite inclusions that make it sparkle like stars (blue goldstone is a common imitation). Lapis lazuli is classified as a rock, composed of the the minerals hauynite, sodalite, noselite, lazurite and more. The lustre is vitreous and the colour will always be opaque (unable to see through). Lapis lazuli is said to be the gem used to guide the way to enlightenment.

The size of this pendant is approximately 70mm (including attached bail) x 55mm x 7mm. Attached bail is approximately 8mm tall.

Please note that colours, shapes and sizes within semi-precious gemstones vary slightly from pendant to pendant.