Seed Bead Elastic Bracelet: Project Instructions

Seed Bead Elastic Bracelet: Project Instructions

Stretchy elastic is a great medium to work with - once threaded up, your bracelet will be easy to slip on, no clasps involved. This simple bracelet uses size 6 seed beads and a feature bead.


  • 60 x size 6/0 seed beads (3-4mm) (this is for an average adult sized wrist, you may want to adjust quantities for a smaller or larger wrist)
  • 1 feature bead
  • 30cm x 1mm beading elastic


  • glue or clear nail polish


Pick up your piece of beading elastic and tie a knot on one end. Tie a second knot straight over the first and cover the knot with glue. Set aside for 15 minutes to allow glue to set up.

On the other end, thread on:

  • the seed beads in a pattern or random design.
  • 1 x feature bead
  • Bring the two ends of the elastic together and pull up tightly, (you may want to cut off that first knot at this point). Make sure the bracelet is tight. Tie a knot as if you're tying a balloon. Finish by adding a dab of clear nail polish or glue. Once dry, cut off any excess beading elastic.

    Your bracelet is now ready to wear!



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    11th Sep 2021 Eureka! Beads

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